ROCKY GDPMD DIY Package- Options For Company with Staff having QMS BackGround

Integrated Solution to GDPMD
Our product, the Rocky GDPMD Tool Kit is an integrated solution complete with everything you need to:start GDPMD from the very beginning,

create the entire GDPMD documentation

(based on easy-to-customize templates),

implement GDPMD and train your staff,

conduct GDPMD audits, and

Ensure Succesfull Completion of  GDPMD certification audit.


With our kit, there is no need to buy more products or use an expensive consultant!


Easy – You can do it!
Every single component of the Rocky GDPMD Toolkit  is designed to make your GDPMD certification as easy as it can be.   Even if you are a beginner without prior knowledge of QMS or GDPMD, you can easily implement GDPMD Programe by yourself  in-house.


You are not alone:  whenever you have questions on how to implement ISO 9001, our expert customer service team is available to help and guide you.


The Kit has the documents, templates and tools for a quality management system that is sensible and makes sense.  Includes lots of examples, including complete quality manuals and quality procedures. And simple GDPMD  templates that you can use as is, or customise to suit. And no, it doesn’t mean that you have to start from ground zero and do everything from scratch, as I’ll explain how to build on what you have in place already.


Basically this kit will be much more suitable for  the company which are having personnels which is familiar with Quality Management System and has attended any similar trainings .


Some of the companies they do not feel comfortable to appoint consultant due to the cost involve.