MR Programe

MR Programe

Rocky Consulting Management Representative Assistance Program is one of our most famous programme which were launched early 2013 . This programe is basically catered for the small and medium company which prefers to appoint a 3rd party to lead and look in the company management system continuously after you have completed Certification Audits

The programe covers the following :-

1)      Continuos Education programe to the staff.

2)      Leading the Company internal Audit and External Audit Activity

3)      Leading any subcontractor Audit if necessary ( Local and Oversea)

4)      Reporting to the Top Management on the compliance status

5)      Online tutoring to the staff

6)      24/7 Online Assistance

7)      Representating you for any In house Audits by your principals

8)      Monitoring the records in order to confirms that it is within the standard guideline.

This programe will help the companies to continuing doing the business while we be looking into all the certification compliance activity .

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