Internal Audit Service

Rocky Internal Audit Service

One of the most important objectives of an internal quality audit is measuring the effectiveness of an organization’s quality management system. For this to happen, executive management must first meet its overriding responsibility of establishing and maintaining a system regarding quality policy, goals, resources, processes and effective performance–including monitoring and measuring the system’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Rocky Consulting offers a comprehensive internal audit support package for organizations who:

  • Do not have trained audit resources internally
  • Do not have the time available
  • Are looking for independent and impartial audits
  • Are looking for value add audits and sustainability – focused on improvement

IRCA qualified auditors will prepare your internal audit program for you, undertake the required audits on your behalf and prepared detailed audit reports and non-conformity reports.

Our Auditors will also advise on system changes and improvements as follow-up on outstanding actions. An impressive ‘certificate of ongoing surveillance’ is issued to all organizations subscribing to our audit support package.